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Special Speedmaster Watches :  


Omega Speedmaster Professional Racing (Tin Tin) new in box.

Watch will comes as full set

Price : 4.450,-



1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional with 1039/516

Ref: 145.022 – 69 First Moon

In perfect running TOP condition with boxes and papers (Extract of Records - instruction manual - Omega documentation)

Price : € 7.450,-

145.022-69 First.JPG


Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer Carbon Edition

Fully Serviced in original Top condition

€ 3.350,-

Carbon Racing 3313.JPG


3x Omega Speedmaster Mark II and Mark III collection perfect original condition

Starting Price : € 1.950,-





New Omega Speedmaster Professional


New edition as full set in Big case

Nato & Nasa straps – Tool – Lupe

Price : € 3.450,-

Can by ordered. Delivery times is 2 weeks

New Speedmaster Set.JPG


1967 Omega Speedmaster Professional with original NOS Omega mesh Bracelet

Ref: 145.012-67 ST

Watch has an original T-swiss made-T service dial with printed Omega logo and a Preik crystal case back a extra

Price : € 6.150,-

1967 145.012.JPG




Omega Speedmaster Mark II Racing cal 861


Ref: 145.014 with original Omega 1162 bracelet.

With had a full serviced and will come with service papers

(Click on picture for info)

Price : € 2.750



Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 ST

Cal. 861


Set with Original box and Extract of Records

(Click on picture for info of the set)

Price : € 5.950,-

Mark II Racing.JPG


145.022-69ST - IT.JPG



Omega Speedmaster 50th Anv

Seahorse Logo dial


Ref : 311.

Watch comes with his Special Boxes and Instruction Manuel

“Warranty card and Certificaat are lost!


Price : € 4.250,-

Speedmaster 50th Anv..JPG



Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space


Ref : 311.

Watch is in like new condition with boxes and full papers dated : 01-2017

Our Best Price : € 3.450,-

Speedmaster FOIS.JPG




1974 Omega Speedmaster Professional with original vintage 1171/633 Bracelet


Ref: 145.022-74 ST

Watch had a service and is in perfect running original condition


Box and documentation (click on pic)


Price : € 3.850,-





Omega Speedmaster 125

All watches are been fully check and service when needed

Starting price : € 2.250,-





2001 Omega Speedmaster Professional cal. 1863 with crystal case back.

Ref : 3753.5000 (Hesalite front with Saphirre case back)

Watch comes with boxes and instruction manual. Also a Apollo 11 batch is part of this set.

Price : € 3.450,-




Omega Speedmaster 50th Anv

Seahorse Logo dial


Ref : 311.

Watch comes with luxes Omega Boxes and Instruction Manuel


NOTE: Warranty card and Certificate are lost


Price : € 4.150,-

50th Anv..JPG



Omega Speedmaster From the Moon to Mars -  numbered edition


Ref : 3577.5000

Watch is in Top condition with boxes and Instruction Manual.


NOTE: Warranty card is lost!



Moon to Mars back.JPG


1965 Omega Speedmaster with 15 Pulsations – Full set  

(Also called Ed White)


Ref : 105.003-65

Watch is in Top condition for his age and will also come with DON bezel and JB-Champion bracelet - box and Instruction.


Price : € 15.750,-





1965 Omega Speedmaster Professional


Ref : 105.012-65

Watch is in Top condition for his age and will also come with DON bezel and box + Instruction.


Price : € 11.250,-




 Omega Speedmaster Professional – Pre Moon


Ref : 145.022-69ST

Watch is in Top condition for his age and will come with Extract of Records (original sold in Germany Oct. 8 - 1971 - box and Instruction.


Price : € 7.250,-









Garantie van aangekochte goederen zijn aangeven op de bijgeleverde garantiekaart door leverancier.

Mits er GEEN garantiekaart is meegeleverd, is er GEEN garantie op aangekochte goederen mits anders vermeld op het aankoopbewijs.

Deze garantie is NIET overdraagbaar bij verkoop van het horloge aan derde.

Verzenden van een item is altijd op risico van de koper.


Warranty given to the item in our contract is written into our contract with the note regarding the warranty card, what comes with this item. If there is NO warranty card coming with the item there is NO warranty for this item OR the warranty period is written into the contract under header WARRANTY: This warranty is NOT been transported to a third party if this item is been sold by the buyer in this contract. Horlogerie ALEX is NOT responsible for lost of an item during shipping. All custom costs are for the buyer. We ship with standard documents for standard shipping inside Europe.




Apollo XI 20th.JPG



Special Watches


1989 Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 20th


(Click on picture for info of the set)












Special Watches


Omega Speedmaster Profesional  Limited 1957 Edition



€ 7.250,-





Apollo 11 25anv NOS.JPG




1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional Frits Moon

with original NOS Omega 1168 Bracelet

Ref: 145.022-69 ST

Watch has an original Telemetric Bezel and service dial with printed Omega logo.

Watch had a full service and is in perfect running Top condition

Price : € 6.450,-


Special Watches





1994 Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 25th Anv.

New Old Stock condition for his Age


€ 9.500,-


(Click on picture for info of the set)







145.022-69 Telemeter.JPG


Apollo 13.JPG

Special Speedmaster watches already sold:


Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Edition.

Rare edition as full set.

Ref: 3595.5200

 (Click on picture for info of the set)











1994 Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 25anv. Edition.

Rare edition with leather strap and as full set.

Ref: 3891.50.81

In original Top condition for his age.

(Click on picture for info of the set)




Speedmaster Apollo XI 25Anv.jpg


145.022-69 Frist.JPG





Omega Speedmaster Frist Moon

Ref: 145.022-69ST

Full Set with Original boxes

(Click on picture for info of the set)




Uniek Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz edition

Ref :

Watch comes as a full set with special boxes and papers with limited edition certificate










Very rare collector item:

Omega Speedmaster CK 2998-5

Watch is fully serviced at Omega SA

The Bezel is a special 15 Pulsations Doctor edtion and in perfect condition for his age!

Watch comes with original box and full service papers and documentation.